Manufacture of industrial Electronics

A little on the introduction

The company PROTRONIC was founded first of April 2000 – this date can be a bit sounds image004like a joke , Because this day is for people with a sense of humordefinitely very cheerful . This firm but definitely not a joke , even though who has already had the opportunity to meet personally certainly understand That business be read with ease and easy . Business philosophy of the company and Therefore my own is to hide behind a false image , but Go Their Own Way , Which is often the way of experiments and based on its own development and many new products Transported by the market every year . I Believe That people – customers during the years of democracy have proved enough largesse to know to Recognize the impostor even in a luxury car , expensive suit as Practiced mannered behavior from a man while dressed in shirt and jeans , for Which they are but the work and the seriousness and professionalism in each sentence pronounced . I find it quite obvious to attend Either potential or even regular customers , I listened to it Their ideas , visions , and they tried it meet , but to also take the criticism and responded to her further development and innovation . These are first- hand information for our company are invaluable . This is Closely related to the fact That the company is hiding just under the logo and some information , but also has a face That you , the customer , for this type of media advocates .

This is my confession from my own perspective on business and management firm That has only one goal – satisfied customers who are always happy to confidently and new ideas just turn to this company .

                                                                                                    Ing . Jaroslav Sechný

                                                                                                        Company Owner