Manufacture of industrial Electronics

Detector correct order of the phases and phase failure PHM-3F

18The detector monitors the correct sequence of phases in the power cord and detect the possible loss of one phase. If the phase sequence is correct, the output relay switches, the contact is output to the terminal marked “PHASE SEQUENCE – OK”. These relays are operated contactor that connects the motor directly. On the indicating panel lights only LED “ON”. If the phase sequence is incorrect, the output relay switches “PHASE SEQUENCE – WRONG” relay “PHASE SEQUENCE – OK” unzips. Using relay “WRONG” is then possible to control auxiliary relay, which overcomes some of the two phases between them, or swap control voltage to the coil reversing contactor controlling engine power already. This provides automatically always the same sequence of phases at the motor terminals, for which the detector is designed as a security feature. With a wrong phase sequence on the indicator panel lights LED “MISORDER”. If one phase fails, both relay outputs are unbuttoned and indicating panel lights LED “PHASE FAIL”. This error message has the highest priority. As an optional feature is also a possibility of reverse function associated terminals “REVERSE”.


– power                                230V / 50 Hz

– input voltages                     230V or 400V

– own consumption                            1 VA

– outputs                                   switching relay contacts

– width                                         3 modules DIN rail