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Meter cable lengths LM-100


This device is designed primarily for metering lengths of cables primarily in the sale, whether retail or wholesale, spending in stores larger firms, and the like. Substantially accelerates and improves the cutting material especially when it comes to larger amounts of the order of tens of meters. Usage is very simple, just insert the cable between the beginning and the contact measuring guide pulley, pull reset and even quite a high speed. The system has an optical incremental recording and evaluation of a microprocessor. Measurement is bi-directional, the device shows the absolute value of each length. The device has a robust design and can fix it for example on the edge of the table.

SPECIFICATIONS: – power                            230V / 50Hz – input                                    3 VA – capacity gauge                 999,9m – step measurement         100mm – measurement accuracy    better than 1% – height of digits                   14mm – Material of the case          cast aluminum

PRICE: 160,- EUR



It is also possible to supply this device with a pressure guide roller with a fastening frame, which together with the LM-100 will create a functional unit with a folding measuring part and a pressure spring. P1020786  P1020788PRICE: 25,- EUR