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Control unit for automatic gates RSB-28

Control unit RSB-28 is designed to control sliding or double-leaf door, doors or gates. It is designed for single-drive systems, the standard opto-isolated inputs for separate control, stepper control, partial opening, the photocell input, blocking a key switch, to walk with sensors and end positions even without the supervision of a time that is in the system with end positions of the sensors used as protection for the failure of any of these sensors. Relay outputs are standard for propulsion and additional output for the lighthouse. This module contains the function of self-closing with adjustable time delay and can be off as well.


– power                        230V / 50Hz

– input                                      10VA

– outputs                             relay contacts

– out for a drive              250V / 8 ( 16 ) A

– out for beacon                  150V / 1A

– inputs                            galvanically separated


1. end position OPEN
2. end position CLOSE
3. control – only closing to the end position
4. control – only open to end position
5. stepper control – first switching input – open, ruhe – the closure of a pressing operation during stop, then start pressing the opposite direction
6. partial opening – opening only a fixed time, that part (for walking through the gate on foot)
7. photocell – will reverse when closing – break input
8. bezpečnostný stop – sériové spojenie rozpínacích kontaktov tlačidla a napríklad aj bezpečnostnej fotobunky

1. opening
2. closing
3. beacon
( 4. state open – LED )
( 5. closed state – LED )

More features:
– time surveillance over the movement phase adjustable thumb switch on the board in 8 steps from 30 seconds to 5 minutes
– self-closing and adjustable trimmer on the board from 30 to 180 s after opening end position, the possibility of its phase-out of the switch board
– button RESET on board
– brought out 24 V / 0.5 A DC – supply for photocells, radio drivers, and so on.
– protected with a fuse on the primary and secondary side

PRICE: 55 – 65,- EUR

Price depends on the carrying capacity of relay contacts. But may be reduced below the lower limit, if customers required configuration will be lower than the specified maximum.