Manufacture of industrial Electronics

Electronic access systems AS48C

Access Systems Board of AS-48 are designed to SELECTED access to protected areas with electronic access key, the system requires an already installed Magnetic Lock with power supply. The ideal solution is an electric desk area to which the AS-48 added as a parallel system, thus it is not necessary intervention in the original building. Picture above design AS-48 C, which includes the direct marking and reading bed, to which is attached a key for identification. The lower figure is the design AS-NC 48, which is connected externe.Toto reading bed design is suitable in cases where the customer has already built up a multifunctional panel and electronic access system is only one of the other options, respectively. is additionally installed. But we must face the limitations that the maximum length of the connection cable between the AS-48NC and reading bed and 1 mA cable must be shielded. If a customer needs to address the entrance to several rooms within the company using this system, it is possible to each individual key, and thus a person selectively allow entry only to the areas where its presence is justified.



– power                                                        12V DC

– input                                                          max. 1W

– LED indication                                        in type C

– audible indication (optional)              1kHz

– out for electric lock                               relay 150V / 1A

– length switching lock                            4 seconds

– programming keys                                manufacturer

– dimensions                                              70 x 90mm

PRICE: AS48C, NC                50 – 70,- EUR ( according to the number of wrenches )

             key with keychain                5,- EUR