Manufacture of industrial Electronics

Multichannel systems QF5, QF9 (QF10a)


Multi-channel control systems of the QFxx are firmly programmed by the manufacturer to the customer desired lighting programs that can lower as well as advice LCxx individual channels not only turned on, but also dim or overlap. Their main difference compared LCxx row consists of several higher power output. The board can be implemented to 4 fully independent lighting programs that the user can toggle switch, as appropriate, or a combination of jumpers on the control terminals. In addition to this board can be directly adjust the running speed of the program buttons UP and DOWN, which are connected to the corresponding terminals. The set speed is stored in memory even after you disconnect. The digit in the type designation dashboard indicates the number of channels, ie outputs.


– power QF5                                                  230 V / 50 Hz

– power QF9 a QF10                                 3×400 V / 50 Hz

– power output to the channel 1                        1800W

– maximum total power QF5                             5600W

– maximum total power QF9, QF10             3600W the phase

PRICES:    QF5  79,- EUR

             QF9   109,- EUR

             QF10 115,- EUR