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Dual electronic pressure Switch PS2 – F

6The pressure switch is used to control electrical devices using piston or diaphragm mechanical controls evolving control pressure , which are usually located in aggressive or very humid environments where this may not be located no electronics and no electric buttons , because the electronic evaluation , which is connected to the controller only thin tube may be placed in a dry environment . Compared to mechanical pressure switch , this device is characterized by continuous measurement of pressure and its electronic evaluating the threshold level , which allows for multiple higher sensitivity to changes in pressure in the inlet tube and thus more adequate distance (range ) between the mechanical piston and evaluation electronics . In practice this means that the device can be placed in most cases directly in the cabinet that corresponds to the jacuzzi and the pool even if it is quite far without the need for interconnection of air drawn through the switch on the power lines somewhere on the route to the distributor, as the device reacts already at pressures the order of units of kPa . On the customer’s request it is possible to further increase the sensitivity of the standard as the situation requires . Both channels are completely independent and galvanically separated and run on logic flip-flop , which means that by pressing the output relay is energized and the second press is opened. Turning off the power to cancel any closed state outputs and then resuming power the device resets the outputs after the open.


– Power Supply                                    230V / 50Hz

– Power consumption                                1VA

– Switch output                              relay contacts 250V / 3A

– Reach                                      10 meters ( to order and more )

– Maximum pressure                                35kPa

– Size                                           2 modules on the DIN rail

Price : 60 , – EUR