Manufacture of industrial Electronics

Dimmer for halogen HD-1R

7 The dimmer is designed for switching halogen lighting either in pools or even interior spotlights in the soffits. Is adapted in terms of phase control for 12 volt bulbs supplied through the transformer. The dimmer has two basic functions: one is smooth automatcké lighting up light circuit from 0% to 100% brightness for about 5 seconds, the second function is to manually set the desired brightness, thus dimming. Automatic illumination is started by pressing the button, manual adjustment is achieved by pressing and holding the button, the time to achieve the desired brightness is necessary to release the button. Off occurs then pressing any way consistently for both functions dimmer. To control both functions you only need a switch – button with one stable position.

The main advantages of automatic continuously lit the elimination of surge and subsequent wobble voltage network, the possibility of fusing conventional circuit breakers for driving without deployment of slow motor circuit breakers, extend the life of halogen bulbs that are cold fiber gradually heated through and not least the continuous illumination of the physiologically acceptable to the human eye and adapt. Dimmer function lets you choose the appropriate lighting levels for which the situation while saving electricity.



-Power Supply                                  230 VAC
-own consumption                        1 VA
-output                            electronic, phase-controlled triac
-carrying capacity                              3 A
-input                              contact button ( 250V AC, 0,05A )
-time threshold                            cca 0,5s
-Starting Time                               cca 5s
-width                                 2 modules on the DIN rail