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Control unit cover-pool ZB-324

5Control unit cover-pool is used for automatic control mechanism overlap water levels, alternative pool with sliding roof drive. Can control the drive DC motor and winch in two speeds, the lower is usually used to start the slats on a higher level to shift itself after unwinding from the drum surface. This control unit is used to measure the relative path impulzujúci microswitch, which is usually part of the drive, Proc specific job position (starting, touch the surface and end) are programmed at the installation site to a specific length of the pool using the buttons and LEDs directly on the control panel of this unit. The procedure involves entering the programming mode first three buttons, scrolling using the other two shades until you reach the desired position and in reaching entry position into memory programming button again. Individual end position and current position blinds are continuously stored in FRAM memory, so after a power failure and the rise all values ​​are automatically reset when a network outage occurs directly during shutter movement, the start-up network unit knows where the blind is a complete movement . After programming the masking controls have only a single external switch. The system of course also permits remote control connection with relay output. In terms of control are two versions available, one with static control, so the switch is in one position for example. expand and stop switch to the opposite position again and stop the collapse. The second version is called. stepper control, where this is carried out only using the impulse. Pushing the state blind in motion and it automatically stops at the end position. If during movement blinds come the next impulse control, blind stops and the next pulse will start opposite direction. The control unit may also have an optional feature electric braking in the end position.


-power supply                              230 VAC, alternative 24 VAC

-own consumption                                     2 VA

-outputs                                         MOS FET bridge

-nominal load capacity                          8 A

-Peak load capacity                            60A

-measuring range                                4000 steps