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Digital thermostat with real time clock CTS 060

2CTS 060 is an electronic control module , designed primarily to control filtration and heating systems in the pool . Unites in himself digital thermostat with adjustable offset to display the current temperature , real-time clock with backup and daily cycles , adjustable three slots for fastening filtration with minute precision. In addition, this device has a built-in logic with optional priority of time or temperature sense and the ability to set the thermostat switching output either as a switch for heating or cooling break . It is equipped with an input for filtering the flow sensor , by checking whether the start-up of filtration and there was actually a sufficient flow in the pipes in that the tolerance of loss of flow through both the power-on or during operation of filtration is 30 seconds . The complete device is a temperature sensor , which is resistance and high resistance , which means that any extension cord of up to several meters will not cause any significant bias in the measurement of temperature .


– Power Supply                                           230V / 50Hz

– Power consumption                                    < 1VA - Temperature measuring range            from 0 to 60 ° C - Temperature setting range                       10 to 49 ° C - Offset adjustment range                                0-6 ° C - Hysteresis ( fixed)                                           0.5 ° C - Standard sensor cable length                         3 m - Cycle hours                                                         daily - Outputs for heating / cooling and filtration    relay 250V / 3A - Digital output ( optional )                                RS232 - Monitoring of flow filtration ( optional ) sensor input , time delay approx 30s - Backup - length                     approx 3 years without a Supply connection - Way to back up                                     lithium battery CR2032 Instrument functions :

Basic display offers information on the current temperature , time and status outputs . Active output indication flashing write ” wat ” for heating / cooling and ” cl ” for circulation if these outputs inactive , indicated signs shall be permanently displayed .

Press the MODE / SET , first the desired temperature setting . This is then set UP and DOWN buttons . Another pressing MODE / SET to show each setting item , thus setting the offset , time intervals filtration , filtration overrun , priorities and sense of switching the main output. In each view , the individual parameter sets the keys UP and DOWN .

A detailed description of the procedure and you can download the datasheet linked below .

Price: 95, – EUR

Download the datasheet : CTS 060