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Universal measuring and evaluating unit RPL-4110


Measuring and evaluation unit RPL4110 is equipped with an analog input current loop 4-20 mA as well same analogue output for the possibility of displaying the measured values ​​to other remote display unit. In addition, this unit also has 4 relay outputs that are activated at preset levels measured unit. This carries Merian in percentages ranging from 0%, which corresponds to the input current of 4 mA to 20 mA to 100%. These two basic limit is possible after withdrawal of the front panel to calibrate, respectively. size the range of 0 – 100% for the different current ratings, if necessary. In addition, this unit can evaluate the short-circuit at the input, or interrupt input current loop, which also indicated on the display.


– power                            24V DC, AC

– input                                       4W

– analog input                 4 to 20mA

– analog output               4 to 20mA

–  4 relay outputs               250V / 3A

– view                       LED digits 14mm, green

PRICE: 125,- EUR