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COUNCIL PANEL digital thermometers SD100

14SD R 100 is a single display showing the temperature in a way that is reading the data on temperature in digital form by means of its own RS -232 data resource may be eg . thermostat TS 050 Dxx , which in addition to the normal autonomic control of temperature sends an indication of the actual temperature of your digital output also in the standard RS232 . Digit height is 100 mm .

SD 100 L One display showing temperature measured own temperature sensor .   Price:  113,- EUR

15SD 100 LR is a display showing the two temperatures and time multiplex , ie four seconds alternates indication of temperature with data on air temperature . This type of measures the water temperature using the thermostat and digital interfaces and autonomous air temperature , thus its own temperature sensor . At the moment the water temperature display lights up the word ” WATER ” .

SD LL 100 functions as an SD 100LR with the difference that the two temperatures are measured by own temperature sensors , that is autonomous . PRICE : 120 , – EUR

16SD 100 DLR shows the same water temperature and air temperature . Here the water temperature is loading digitally via RS232 and air temperature is measured independently. SD 100 DLL simultaneously displays water temperature and air temperature , and are both measured autonomously , that is their own temperature sensors. PRICE : 223 , – EUR


– power supply                            12V DC

– Power consumption                5 – 10W – Display Celsius , units and tens

– Height and color digits           100mm red

– Dimensions                          265 x 165 x 25mm

All panel displays are designed for the safe voltage 12V DC (or AC ) . If the customer is unable to bring himself such power to the panel , there are two versions of power sources , namely the AC adapter plug design in the price of 6 , – EUR , or the power supply to the DIN rail im the price of 10 , – EUR   P1020684 P1020683

All the previously mentioned design have a frame made of aluplast profile. Available is also the finish of aluminium profiles standard anodised in black matte color, the prices of displays with this frame su but of course above.

in combination with CK57 together   227,- EUR

SD 100 RL, LL                                    142,- EUR

in combination with CK57 together   234,- EUR

SD 100 DRR, DRL, DLL                   244,- EUR

in combination with CK57 together    335,- EUR