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TS050 Series Digital Thermostat

Digital thermostats TS 050 are characterized by simplicity of installation , connection and the operator . The types differ equipment relevant contacts , as well as functions .

Versions with switching contacts are designed for heating systems, with NC contact for cooling systems . Using calibration can be brought out to attend the temperature difference display screen thermostat temperature sensing and fair media in cases where the thermostat probe is not in direct contact with the medium and measured indirectly ( eg . Through the pipe wall ) . LED display on the control panel lets see immediate status , ie whether at a given moment is actuated system of heating , cooling , circulation falls . Design to the management of the circulating pump in addition to the basic output for heating este output that is actuated simultaneously with turning on the heat and after reaching the set temperature and the heating off this output is still closed for 60 seconds. The utility of this feature is mainly for electric heating or gas boilers in the exchanger , where it is very suitable to cope temperature dohriatí , respectively . cool down system .

It is operated using the UP and DOWN buttons so that when you press any of them will display the set temperature and the subsequent press increases the value respectively . decreases . Around seconds after releasing the button, the display automatically switches to measuring the actual temperature .




– A measuring range                         of 0 to 50 ° C

– An ambient temperature              of 0 to 70 ° C

– Accuracy                                              of 1 ° C

– Hysteresis                                             0.5K

– Power Supply                                230V / 50Hz

– Power Consumption                          1,5VA

– Output                                              Relay 3A


The electronics block :

– Material                                             Plastic

– Weight                                         approx 200 g

– Width                                       3 modules DIN rail

– Covering                                            IP20


–  material                                          Alloy

– Weight                                 60g ( including 3 m cable )

– D size                                            8x40mm

– Covering                                          IP67

Over the years, production and deployment in practice, several types of crystallized differing equipment and , accordingly , but the core is common to a range of thermostats TS 050 :

TS050 SCI – basic model , one normally open contact

TS050 RCI – basic model , one NC contact

TS050 SRCI – make a break contact, galvanically isolated

TS050 SOCI – make contact and run a separate contact

TS050 DSCI – two separate switching contacts

TS050 SCID – switching contact output data set and actual temperature of RS232

TS050 SCIDD – consistent with the previous type , there is a bi-directional RS232

the temperature setting via this interface


TS050 SCI , RCI           61, – Eur
TS050 RSCI , DSCI    66 , – Eur
TS050 SOCI                  67 – Eur
TS050 SCID                  75 , – Eur
TS050 SCIDD             110 , – Eur