Manufacture of industrial Electronics

Multichannel systems LC04, LC05 and LC12


Multi-channel control systems of the LCxx are universal programmable to flicker and the smooth switching on, dimming or overlapping each channel based on the program stored in the module uPcard. This module is connected to the motherboard 20-pin connector, so the replacement module with a new program according to the customer is very simple. The digit in the type designation dashboard indicates the number of channels, ie outputs.

10Module uPcard


– power                                                                     230 V / 50 Hz

– power output to the 1 channel                                        250 W

( for LC04, 05 – 250, LC12 ), AC, DC

– power output to the 1 channel                                          450W

( for LC04, 05 – 450 ), AC, DC

– maximum total instantaneous power per module           1800W

– shortest interval for status changes of outputs                0,1 s


Board LC05-450 already compiled with the module uPcard.


Board controller module LC12 without uPcard module.

PRICES: LC04-250    41,- EUR

          LC04-450     43,- EUR

          LC05-250      43,- EUR

          LC05-450      45,- EUR

          LC12-250      61,- EUR

          uPcard           5,- EUR