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Digital thermostat with hybrid control attractions with remote control CTS 060R


1The system is in principle CTS 060 thermostat , designed especially for the management of filtration and heating systems in the pool , expansion of attractions and serial control interface . Unites in himself digital thermostat with adjustable offset to display the current temperature , real-time clock with backup and daily cycles , adjustable three slots for fastening filtration with minute precision , adjustable overrun dohriati water filtration after completion of the filtration cycle or during heating . In addition, this device has a built-in logic with optional priority of time or temperature sense and the ability to set the thermostat switching output either as a switch for heating or cooling break . The thermostat shall be extended by 6 outputs for control of attractions that can be controlled directly connect button on the input terminals . The complete device is a temperature sensor , which is resistance and high resistance , which means that any extension cord of up to several meters will not cause any significant bias in the measurement of temperature . An important part of the kit is called . routerboard , which links to the thermostat via the RS232 interface allows remote control thermostat any apparatus having wifi interface and a web browser. The log shows the virtual remote control , which can be either on the touch screen or mouse to the computer switched on attractions , subtract the actual water temperature and the set , which can also change and displays the status of filtration , that is, whether running , not running , or or has failed. To evaluate the correct operation of filtration control unit has an input for sensing flow delayed evaluation . All states are confirmed by the color change virtual keys , respectively . change the displayed temperature setting.


– Power Supply                                                        230V / 50Hz

– Power consumption                                                  < 5 VA - Temperature measuring range                         from 0 to 60 ° C - Temperature setting range                                from 10 to 49 ° C - Offset adjustment range                                            0-6 ° C - Hysteresis ( fixed)                                                        0.5 ° C - Standard sensor cable length                                      3 m - Cycle hours                                                                    daily - Outputs for heating / cooling and filtration      relay 250V / 8A - Outputs for attractions                                           relay 250V / 8A - Monitoring of filtration flow sensor input , time delay approx 30s - Bi-directional digital interface                                      RS232 - Backup - length of about                    3 years without a Supply connection - Way to back up                                                 lithium battery CR2032 PRICE : 285 , – EUR

Download the datasheet : CTS 060R