Manufacture of industrial Electronics

Panel digital Clock CK57

Display shows local time , which is generated autonomously and running after a power failure . Corrections can be made HOD and MIN buttons , while the hour , respectively minute increments in the loop.



–  power supply                                 12V DC

– power consumption                       3W

– Display                          hours, minutes , 24 cycles

– Height and color figures          57mm, Red

– Backup                                          6 months

– Dimensions                          265 x 90 x 25mm

Into production is a version of CK 57 LT , which will be broadcast via the RS232 interface clock is similar to the type of imaging CK 57 R , which will actually only receiving terminal and the team will be created for example . within a building or complex, synchronized real-time systems .

Another version is forthcoming CKT 57 LL , the combination of time and temperature display one or CKT 57 LLL with two temperatures ( water / air ) , obtained by measuring local or LLR version , where the water temperature can be obtained eg built-in RS232 interface . the digital thermostat .

Price : 93 , – EUR